For many, childhood is a time of wonder and play. Though blessed with happy moments, my childhood was filled with fear & preferred solitude – due to sexual, physical and racial trauma. From toddlerhood into young adulthood, I perceived the majority of relationships – especially with men – as sources of pain. Unconsciously driven by my feelings of helplessness and compulsion to save others from the type of pain that haunted me, I sought many ways to heal: spirituality, volunteerism, alternative medicine and eventually a career as a police officer. Each endeavour, in its unique way, contributed to my healing. Little did I realize how all of these choices would culminate into a life that has reshaped me, empowered me and allowed me to reclaim my Self. Some would say that I am successful today despite my traumas, I assert differently. I’m successful today because I know that nothing less than what I’ve already survived can stop me!

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