As a professional, I’ve worn many hats. From a police officer, minister, and intuitive and business coach – I also have a career in acting and am a mother of three. Now, founder of my passion project, True II Soul, I’m able to bring more opportunities to you.

Keda EP.

Keda Edwards Pierre, Founder

Keda is a passionate, empathetic, hard-working, tough and determined individual – with a high level of integrity. She lives her life being true to herself and her heart and, knows that “AUTHENTICITY IS POWER”

Keda is passionate about the protection of those more vulnerable as well as the connection within communities. Her diverse experience has helped her to truly appreciate the fundamental role that overall health plays in a balanced and successful life.  

Keda began training in the field of holistic health and now works as a Personal Strategist – a coach who supports people living their best possible lives. She helps guide others to be the healthiest, most authentic versions of themselves.

Keda’s own healing journey coupled with her diverse training and professional history is the driving force behind her mission, which is to provide a place where authenticity is encouraged, passion is the norm, and pragmatic strategies share space with creative innovation.

Connecting professionals with the community.

The Network

The True II Soul Professional Network is a collective of professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organisations that are passionate about what they do, and how they serve others. 

We provide you access to our professional and authentic group of experts that can support and assist you with everything from marketing and networking opportunities,information and resources, as well as workshops & online training opportunities.

“Only those who have a real and lasting sense of abundance can be truly charitable.”

A Course in miracles

Volunteer Work