I’m thrilled to have you here. As a lightworker, speaker, actor, and entrepreneur there are many levels on which we can connect.

I’d love to get to know you better as well. Feel free to reach out and let me know more about you.

Keda EP.

Keda is an intuitive powerhouse.
A super-connector with a vision to see others thrive and in touch with the people and resources they need, she has built a diverse career building into the lives of others.

Inspire your people, soul, and potential with Keda Edwards Pierre.

Dynamic voice & film actor

Charismatic, Lively, Versatile.

Keda Edwards Pierre brings a unique and unorthodox mixture of talent, training and real-life experience to her acting career.


Perceptive, Nurturing, Professional.

Keda Edwards Pierre is a Certified Business and Life coach, and Intuitive Consultant committed to helping you feel inspired, gain clarity and lead with meaning and purpose


Inspirational, Compelling, Powerful.

Keda Edwards Pierre captivates, connects and engages her audiences with personal stories, anecdotes and through sharing her life’s experiences.

ORDAINED MINISTER & Spiritual Leader

Spiritual, Honest, Devoted.

Keda Edwards Pierre is a registered Ordained Minister in Ontario, Canada. She supports and bears witness to many important life transitions and events in people’s lives.

Keda is capable of caring about people on their own individual level, and sees everyone for who they are as a unique human being – never looking to change you but rather assist you in embracing the fullness of who you are. Every moment spent with Keda is one that will leave you feeling fulfilled and ready to take on life in a way that feels safe and exciting, all at the same time.


Maarika Pinkney
Ontario, Canada